Hi, I'm Colleen! I run xc and track for my college in MD. Message me for whatever and I will do my best to support you!

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I will be a runner until the day I die.

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It’s more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

Yes please, I’d like them all
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I can’t wait to cover the rest of my closet with my race bibs as the year goes on (:
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I haven’t posted in forever but I though I’d ramble about my college running so far. The first meet I broke 20 which was a pr and I felt great. Except ever since then I’ve been running really crappy and my lower legs have been tired/sore/hurting off and on and now I’m getting annoyed because I’m in the lower group on my team and that is not where I should be. I can’t accept what is happening and I don’t exactly know why, I might just be tired from all the summer and early season training but idk. I’ve been cutting down my mileage but idk if I should start running more or resting more.

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"For most athletes their slow is too fast and their fast is too slow."
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Man oh man do I hate having regrets after a race.

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